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Although buying a new kitten can be very exciting, it can be a nightmare if rushed into. There are 'breeders' around that are referred to as 'back street breeders'. These are the breeders that are there for reasons other than loving what they do. You may end up with a kitten that isn't registered or doesn't have a legitimate pedigree (if any) or hasn't been vaccinated, or possibly all of these things. 

It's sad that this is necessary but I know people that have made these mistakes. If you have had an experience like this, please let me know so that I can put a few details on the 'breeders' page & try to prevent others being conned. I will not add the source of any information.

There are some simple things that you should check before taking a kitten away:

Always check an advert for what it doesn't say, i.e. if  it doesn't say pedigree, registered, vaccinated kittens, then they probably aren't.
Always ask to see the kittens mother if she isn't there when you view the kittens.
The pedigree should include breed numbers and registration numbers of ancestors.
There should be a vaccination card showing the 9 week & 12 week vaccinations.
You should have a pink registration paper to send to the GCCF. Some breeders register kittens when they are a bit older and so may not have received these yet, but if that's the case, they should tell you this and arrange to post it to you or for you to collect it.
If the kitten is to be used for breeding, check that the registration is active. Kittens can be changed from non-active to active but only by the breeder.
If the kitten is to be used for showing it must be registered, unless it is a household pet.

GCCF Register Information

The Register:   (extracts from GCCF rule book)

Non-Active Register

No cats/kittens registered on the Non-Active Register should be used for breeding purposes. However, the breeder ONLY may apply to transfer a cat from the Non-Active Register to the Active Register if necessary, except where in special circumstances the Executive Committee may order a transfer. this register should be used to prevent kittens sold as pets being used for breeding, against the advice of the breeder. Progeny of cats on the Non-Active Register will not be registered.

Active Register

All other cats/kittens will be registered on the Active Register.

Transfer of Registration

a) When a cat or kitten is advertised or sold as a pedigree cat or kitten the breeder shall, at the time of the sale, provide the purchaser with a properly completed pedigree signed by the breeder, carrying 3 generations at least, showing all the breed numbers and registration numbers, also the breeders name and address.

b) If, at the time of sale, the cat or kitten is registered the seller shall provide the purchaser with a transfer form, duly completed and signed by the seller, unless it is jointly agreed in writing by both parties at the time of sale not to do so.

Exhibits And Exhibitors

a) All cats and kittens exhibited for competition at a show held under licence of the GCCF must be registered with the GCCF, with the exception of 'Household Pets'.

b) All cats exhibited at shows held under GCCF rules must have a current vaccination certificate against FIE (Feline infectious Enteritis) issued more than seven days before the show.

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