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If you would like a pedigree adding to this section, just E-mail me with a few of your details. I have over 11,000 cats on Anim-all, so I will probably be able to add the pedigree with just the cats details and its parents' names. No registration numbers will be given out.    


Adqweam Chocolate Spyder (24b)

Angisan Yuan Mandalaymuse (24)

Applejack Tickledpink

Blitzkreig Getofmycloud (Devon Rex)

Caspa Man Friday (24)

CymruCath's Cadfana (44c)

Cymrucath's Gwenddydd (32 2)

Heavenleigh Ayeisha (24b)

Marmiejac Phoebe (24)

Meeyadale Oriental tabby (41)

Orabill Ormer of Blitzkreig (Gr.Pr) (Devon Rex)

Pyramidus Polly (35)

Rexivel Ladyofthelake (Devon Rex)

Rimana Admiral Benbow (37a)

Sunorchid Jade (24c) 

Winnetou's Skywalker (IMP)