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If you are a breeder, have kittens for sale or are looking for a kitten, I would be happy to list you here, free of charge, please email me with the details.


Kittens will be automatically removed at 4 months of age unless I am informed that they are still available.


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Kittens Wanted


Old style Siamese wanted - Female Seal point on active register only. Wiltshire, Glos, Berks areas preferred. Rachel - 01793 731 179    E-mail

Kittens Available


Grinling Bengal's - Liz & Ann        Web        E-mail

Two brown spotted male Bengal's, and one Snow Marbled Male Bengal, Ready now. 

Soopurr Cats - Liz                      Web        E-mail

One male, one female Oriental Black Kittens, also ready now.



Siamese & Orientals - S Harvey    E-mail    Superb Old-Style & Classic Siamese and Oriental kittens. Absolutely beautiful, Butter-Wouldn't-Melt little hooligans. Robust constitution and bags of character. Born and bred 'underfoot' with children, dogs and usual household chaos. Inoculated, litter-trained, Panacur'd, Frontlined, GCCF, vet-checked etc. Guaranteed bomb-proof and very, VERY loving. Seal, Choc, Blue, Lilac and Apricot Point. Adore company and lots of cuddles. Pics via email. 375. Photos

Chinasea Siamese and Oriental - Donna Bakewell     E-mail     Web     Tel: 01983 874261

Bembridge,Isle of Wight    Solid colours, breeding healthy, happy babies for loving pet homes.

CymruCath's Oriental & Siamese - Joann Hanmer     E-mail     Web     Tel: 01554 821731

South Wales, Swansea. Kittens for sale with 100% & 75% import pedigrees

Kittens have 75% import pedigrees. Raised indoors. GCCF registered, micro chipped, vaccinated, insured and treated for fleas and worms. Pedigrees    Photos



Hubbell Siamese - Anna Shafto        Web        E-mail

I breed happy, well loved and healthy Siamese Cats on the non active GCCF register. Andover, Hampshire.

Marholm Balinese & Siamese - Margaret A Jones     E-mail     Tel: 01733 266 419

Balinese & Balinese variant kittens sometimes available. Fully inoculated, wormed, insured, Vet checked, registered with the GCCF & with full pedigree. Bookings taken now - I do NOT sell kittens for Christmas unless previously booked.

Meeyadale Siamese & Orientals - Gloria Nelson     E-mail     Tel: 01274 878963

Yorkshire. Kittens vacc/GCCF Reg/insured/wormed, some on active register, exc. pedigrees. Please note all potential buyers will be thoroughly checked out.

Pet only enquiries welcome, also bags packed ready for new adventures. Pedigree     Photo

Minxes Siamese - Emma Delahoussaye

Gorgeous home bread kittens, Torti point and seal points. Show, breeding and pets. G.C.C.F. Reg., Fully Vaccinated, Insured and Leukemia free. Ready from 6th August holidays honard. Tel: 01628 412524

Mylynn Siamese - Lynne Studer        Web        E-mail

Breeding typey, show quality Siamese with good health and temperament.Winchester, Hampshire.

Sensay Siamese - Sue & Tony Yates     E-mail     Web

Vampyra Cats - Lisa Amundson     E-mail

Liverpool, Merseyside. Reg/vacc/ins., registered Non-Active

Vanaheim Norwegian Forest Cats - Web

North Buckinghamshire

Problem breeders:

If you have a bad experience with a breeder, such as false pedigrees, unregistered kittens etc., and would like to prevent it happening to others, please e-mail me the location of the breeder and the problem you had. I will add this information here. The source of the information will not be disclosed.

(note: These are opinions from people who have purchased kittens & not the opinions of this site)

Surname: Harris     Location: Manchester     Problem: Unregistered, unvaccinated, incomplete pedigree, errors on pedigree.     No. of complaints to me: 2

Surname: Bale     Problem: Clarified by breeder & no complaints upheld by GCCF      No. of complaints to me: 2

Surname: Lloyd    Problem: Nervous, unregistered, incomplete pedigree, errors on pedigree.     No. of complaints to me: 1

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If you believe you are on the problem breeders list by error, please e-mail me to clarify this.


Active Register: Kittens that are registered as active can be used for breeding & their kittens can be registered with the GCCF.

Non-active Register: Kittens that are registered as non-active are not intended to be used for breeding & any kittens produced can't be registered with the GCCF.

For more information see Buying A Kitten.

The site has no responsibility for the legitimacy of any information submitted on this page .